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About Us

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Measha Daynes, Owner


About Our Name

The first thing people usually ask is “Where did the name Mermaid’s Purse come from?” I live on the coast and have been exposed to local marine biology throughout my adolescence. In college I studied aquatic and terrestrial ecology with pottery as an art elective. It was during this time I heard the term Mermaid’s Purse. A mermaid’s purse is a shark or skate egg sack. It is usually attached to kelp and is somewhat transparent, meaning you can shine a light through it and view the entire development of the aquatic species. When hatched, the egg sack washes ashore. Our company logo is a more artistic, yet similar, representation of a real Mermaid’s Purse.

Our Motivation

The next thing people usually ask me is “Why All Natural?” and “Where did you learn how to make natural products?” It’s no secret that there are a lot of chemicals in most commercial personal care products, and most people don’t think about the possible harmful effects of chemicals.  And then again some people do. I did and that’s what motivated me to explore this avenue.

I come from Native American roots, where you learn to use all parts of what you are blessed with. My grandmother used to make soap with her own grandmother, so naturally when I was interested, she taught me first the homesteader method, with suet or animal fats, and then showed me how to use plant and vegetable oil alternatives. My grandmother was also a certified massage therapist and worked with essential oils for aromatherapy. I decided that if I was going to make something, I wanted it to be natural, using only plant-based ingredients. Where would I be without Grandma?

A Business is Born

In 2003 I used my skills to develop a business and sold my soaps at arts and crafts shows. My mother used to do shows when I was growing up, so I wasn’t at all afraid of trying this for myself.  It actually made me feel right at home.  Here I was in the same environment that I enjoyed so much as a child.

It was during my first pregnancy that I would develop my first ever non-soap beauty care product. My inspiration came from being unable to find any all-natural products to prevent stretch marks. My first product would be my “Belly Butter”. From there, Mermaid’s Purse has grown into a full product line including, natural soaps, body butters, shampoos, massage oils, natural deodorants, salves and mineral soaks.

We’ve now been in business officially since 2003 and I believe our success can be attributed to a couple of things.  One, all-natural products really work. We enjoy what we do and put a lot of focus on making quality natural products. We not only make them, we also use them because they are so effective.  Secondly, because we do make all of our products, we can customize them based on a customer’s preference. After all, we’re all individuals, who can enjoy the same benefits of natural products - just to the beat of our own flavor! Try Mermaid’s Purse today, and find your own beat.